1898 - 1950

On 28th November 1898, 13 coalmining companies created the benzene federation (BV) with the final target of optimizing the marketing of benzene, produced in their own coking plants.

The number of societies increased to 75 until 1918.

In 1924 the label "ARAL" was introduced. "AR" for Aromatics (our current products) and "AL" for Aliphatics, the chain hydrocarbons.

After 2nd world war a lot of coke-oven-by-product plants were destroyed. Furthermore higher quality requirements for benzene could already be foreseen. Thus at the beginning of the fifties, it was decided to establish a central distillation plant for many coking plants.

1954 - 1956 – Foundation of society

Start-up of the 1st pure benzene plant took place on 1st April 1954. Parallel it was the beginning of the society "Zentraldestillationsgemeinschaft GbR".

In June 1955 the so called "homologues plant" followed, in which different aromatics were separated. Convinced by high outturn, low manufacturing costs and good quality, more and more coking plant operators wanted to get integrated to the society.

Therefore a doubling of capacity on today's area had been realized. In 1956 the society had already had 21 members.

1959 - 1968 – Production of benzene at Uferstraße

In May 1959 the benzene production at today's location, Uferstraße in Gelsenkirchen had begun. In 1968 a new extractive distillation followed, because of higher quality requirements for benzene.

1983 – New benzene production plant

In order to save energy and to improve environmental protection, a new extractive distillation has been erected in 1983.

1987 – New homologous plant

In 1987 a new homologous plant was built at today's location, Uferstraße, and the old plant, located at today's BP storage area, was closed and disassembled.

1997 – Hydrogenation unit and seperation of the aromatics division

Finally, by the end of 1997, the hydrogenation unit, which purifies the crude benzene, has been started up.

Due to the transfer of the ARAL AG shares to the BP group, all purchases and sales activities have been separated.

2000 – Foundation of Aral Aromatics GmbH

On 1st January 2002, the Aral Aromatics GmbH located in Gelsenkirchen was founded. Herewith all aromatics activities like procurement of raw materials, production and sales were now concentrated at the same place.

2004 – Toluene extractive distillation

Finally, in September 2004, a toluene extractive distillation was started up. Today we are able to manufacture toluene in highest purity for the chemical industry.

2006 – Renaming to Arsol Aromatics

For decades, Aral and Aral Aromatics have been company names that have stood for consistent quality and reliability, and a high level of service for our customers and clients.

Under the terms of the spin-off of the chemical business from Aral in 2001, Aral Aromatics' entitlement to use the Aral brand and logo was set to expire in 2006.

Accordingly a new name was selected, one which - since this plant produces aromatics and solvents - has been closely linked with our products for over 50 years:

Arsol Aromatics GmbH

By combining this new name and image with the customary quality of what is offered, the partnership with all clients will be continued.

Apart from the change of name, no further alterations are envisaged.

2008 - New Training and Meeting Rooms

Due to a variety of needs such as customer and supplier meetings, training of staff, government meetings, audits, safety meetings, etc., additional rooms became necessary. On 14th April 2008 within an internal staff meeting these rooms have been opened officially.

2011 - Change of legal form

As part of an internal restructuring Arsol Aromatics GmbH transferred per contract dated 21.12.2010 their operations with effect from 01.01.2011 to its 100% parent company Arsol Aromatics GmbH & Co. KG, Gelsenkirchen.

2011 - Change in Ownership

As per 1st June 2011 RAG Aktiengesellschaft retires as shareholder. By selling the coke plant Prosper and the shareholders' shares in Arsol Aromatics, the decades-long involvement in Arsol Aromatics is completed. The buyer of the coking plant and the proportion of shareholders, the ArcelorMittal GmbH, Bremen (AMB), has now entered the succession of RAG Aktiengesellschaft.

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