Who we are
arsol aromatics

The Arsol Aromatics GmbH & Co. KG is manufacturing chemical raw materials mainly of crude benzene, which is a by product in coking plants of its shareholders and further coking plant operators all over the world. Under strictest environmental regulations, extremely pure chemicals are manufactured in this most modern plant. In continuation these pure chemicals are used by our customers in the chemical industry for various daily used products.





Our origin

On November 28th 1898, 13 mining association, founded the Benzolverband (i.e. benzene association). It's aim was an improved and coordinated commercialization of the benzene extracted in the respective coking plants. Until 1918 the number of involved companies grew to 75. In 1924, the trademark "ARAL" was introduced. "AR" for aromatics (our today's products), and "AL" for aliphates - the petrol hydrocarbons.

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