Privacy Policy for Business Partners, Visitors and Interested Persons

For the purpose of communication, the exchange of information and services and for other purposes associated with a planned or already existing business relationship, personal data are required, e.g. name, contact data or function of persons concerned.

The provision of personal data takes place

  • through the use of our online services,
  • in connection with registration processes or a personal provision of personal data, e.g. through the surrender of a business card,
  • through companies, e.g. if contact information of their responsible persons are provided.

This shall take place not only in conformity with legal provisions but also the personal rights of persons concerned. Those concerned have the right to receive information on their personal data or to request the deletion or correction of their data or a restriction of their processing. Hence, services based on these data cannot be used further. Persons concerned may at any time address their questions and complaints to the supervisory authority of their country or the commissioner for data protection:

You may get in touch with our operational commissioner for data protection, Mr Bernhard Elsner as follows:

arbeitgeber ruhr GmbH
- Bochum Office Office -                                                
Königsallee 67                                                                  
44789 Bochum
Email: info(at)

1. Data Scope
The following data related to you may be collected, stored and processed:
a.    Identification data, e.g. name, gender, national identification number (truck drivers), date and place of birth, photographies or other visual pictures (including video recordings), user ID (in the case of email communication) 
b.    Addresses and contact data, e.g. work address, postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, organizational data such as firm / organization, department, function
c.    Time and presence, e.g. during a stay on the plant premises or the performance of services
e.    Required and proven abilities and qualifications, activities, tasks and assignments, e.g. for projects

2. Purpose
Your data may be used for the following purposes:

  • Operational purposes
  • Identification and authorization
  • Communication, e.g. to clarify questions or appointments and to exchange information,
  • Documentation of activities, e.g. work assignments, meetings, events and agreements
  • Complaint management

In addition, personal data of visitors and persons who have demanded services or with whom there is already a relationship (neighbourhood, media representatives) may be used for

  • the provision of information and requested services, e.g newsletters
  • the monitoring of our premises and safety checks

Personal data of business partners, e.g. suppliers, customers, contractual partners, service providers or partners, may be additionally used for

  • the processing of transactions, e.g. payment, invoicing and contract management
  • logistics, e.g. transport
  • authorization and identification management for electronic procedures, including technical support and troubleshooting
  • administrative communication, e.g. sales promotion or product development
  • monitoring, inspections and surveys

An already given consent to the use of personal data may be revoked at any time.

3. Principles of Processing
Arsol Aromatics ensures the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures on data security through internal regulations and – if the data are processed by an external service provider – through relevant contractual agreements.
 Please make sure that your data are always up-to-date and correct, e.g. by notifying relevant changes or – where possible – make changes yourself.
If you have questions concerning the scope, the correction or the deletion of your data as well as information requests, these may be clarified with the commissioner for data protection.

4. Data Transfer
Considering the legal provisions and the existing internal regulations, the data required for the respective purpose may be transferred to other internal and external bodies in the following cases:
Operational purposes
- to service providers / job processors
Reporting and disclosure obligations
- to authorities and other public bodies
Clarification of claims and accusations
- to lawyers, courts and other public bodies and authorities

5. Data Storage
Your data will be stored for as long as is necessary to fulfil the respective purpose and regulatory specifications, generally for the duration of the respective contractual relationship including a statutory storage period that may apply.
The personal data of business partners are usually deleted 10 years after the last making of contact. In the case of other persons like visitors, the data are deleted 5 years after the last making of contact or on request.
The deletion of the data will be effected within the scope of the routines of deletion stipulated by the process owners.

6. Monitoring and Check 
To provide protection against the various threats to our IT – e.g. by damaging software, hacker attacks, spam – and to intellectual property, different procedures during which the exchanged information is, for example, checked for viruses and connection data are checked for abnormalities are used. If any abnormalities are detected, the respective documents and connection data may be analyzed.

To comply with any existing delivery and payment restrictions – for example, in relation to companies and persons specified in different public lists - , a comparison may be made with these lists.

In addition, in suspected cases which are, for example, reported via the Compliance Hotline, an investigation and, where applicable, the publication of data and records related to the persons concerned may be required in the case of official investigations and for defending against any claims against Arsol Aromatics.

In all cases, our internal regulations, the legal requirements and the personal rights of the persons concerned will be observed.

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