Together for Sustainability
arsol aromatics

This initiative was founded by several companies of the chemical industry in 2011. The aim of this initiative is to assess, review and improve the global supply chains of the companies involved and already 22 chemical companies from all over the world are currently members of the TfS Initiative. Upon invitation of some of its customers, Arsol Aromatics took part in a TfS audit in August 2019. The company achieved an excellent result.

Sustainable engagement is an integral part at Arsol Aromatics.

The TfS audit evaluates the high requirements in the areas of Management, Environment, Health and Safety, Labor and Human rights, and Corporate Governance. During an on-site audit Arsol Aromatics succeeded in all of these areas above-average. The management and all employees have proven that responsible and sustainable commitment is a top priority for Arsol Aromatics.

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